otcaccess Retrofit Kit

A Perfect opportunity to step up your security standard a few levels higher.

What is otcaccess - retrofit kit for legacy electronic safe locks?

<bvk>’s otcaccess – retrofit kit technology is a One Time Code (OTC) lock upgrade solution providing the global & central management of users, devices and codes by otcaccess management system on the web.

Retrofit kit for legacy electronic safe locks is an upgrade kit making your existing electronic safe locks an OTC lock by utilizing many online & offline features of otcaccess.

otcaccess – retrofit kits work with one time codes based on person, location, time & function where the OTC verification is done by the access control point itself & completely offline.

This keyless technology grants convenience with utmost security by a variety of OTC request and delivery methods such as using a mobile app, voice, sms, e-mail, etc. or if needed online request by user through the keypad.

An upgrade kit is available for


By replacing the PCB board only


You Can Continue To Use;

  • The lock mechanism
  • The keypad
  • UART cable for log transfer
  • Transaction Logging In Memory
  • External battery backup
  • Penalty Mode
  • Easy field upgrade



You Get New Enhancements;

  • Works with One Time Code (OTC)
  • Unlimited Users are managed centrally. Local user and fixed password is no longer needed.
  • Battery is optional. No more battery cost and logistics
  • Power up from USB
  • Monitor the lock status and events online
  • Retrieve the unlimited log data online
  • Remote firmware and configuration update
  • Remote reboot
  • Dual OTC access (or triple, etc.) is optional
  • Configurable timeouts, penalty mode and OTC access counts

Log Upload


Otcaccess – retrofit kits are also smart, connected devices that are ready to be monitored, firmware or configuration update remotely.

Firmware Upgrade

Parameter Update


If you are a private or public institution having a network of off-site safes with electronic locks that requires secure access by dozens of people every day, otcaccess is the unique & revolutionary technology to regulate & manage all your access control points centrally.