otcaccess for Windows

Access Control for Software

Central User Management, Unlimited User Capacity

Offline Authentication

Highest Security with One Time Code

What is otcaccess for Windows

otcaccess for Windows is an access control technology applied to PC applications running on Windows environment.

This solution is a utility software running on client PC where you can list the executables you want to control users accesses with one time codes. These one time codes are  generated uniquely by otcaccess management system based on user, the software instance, starting time, valid period and function.

Where To Use


Secure applications that requires secure access at unattended areas


User access control at offline environments (network not present environment)


User access control where time based login control is critical



  User access control for quest users (subcontractors, consultants, etc.)


Secure applications that runs at clients out of company domain.

Features & Benefits

  • User access to a listed application is controlled by software instance. With a valid OTC, a user can only access to the listed application running on PC1 within the allowed time period but cannot access the same application running on PC2.
  • It is applicable to every desktop application on windows platform, no matter it is a standalone or a client application.
  • The users are managed centrally and globally.
  • It is a complementary solution to Windows login, Single Sign-on or the login process of software itself.
  • The one time codes are authorized offline. It doesn’t need an internet connection or server communication.
  • Access to desktop applications can be allowed to users between a predefined time period.
  • The access codes can be either for one time access or multiple time access within the allowed time period.