otcaccess for ATMs

Central User Management

Unlimited User Capacity

Higher Security with One Time Code

Multi Vendor

What is otcaccess Safe Lock

<bvk>’s otcaccess for ATMs is a One Time Code (OTC) lock solution providing the global & central management of users, devices and codes by otcaccess management system on the web.

Main application area is the ATM safes. Additionally It can be applied to other safes and vault rooms.

otcaccess for ATMs works with one time codes based on person, location, time & function where the OTC authentication is done by the access control point itself & completely offline.

This keyless technology grants convenience with utmost security by a variety of OTC request and delivery methods such as using a mobile app, voice, sms, e-mail, etc. or if needed online request by user through the keypad.

Otcaccess for ATMs are also smart, connected devices that are ready to be monitored, firmware or configuration update remotely.
If you are a private or public institution having a network of off-site safes that requires secure access by dozens of people every day, otcaccess is the unique & revolutionary technology to regulate & manage all your access control points centrally.


Use with mobile application

By using an NFC reader, all otcaccess devices can be controlled by an NFC enabled android mobile phone. It is almost touch & open with a few clicks and yet supports complete otcaccess security standards. Alternatively, mobile application can be used to request and receive an OTC to be entered to the keypad manually.

Where To Use

ATM Safes



Vault Rooms

Armored Cars


Keypad & Reader Options

Request & Delivery Channels

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-Vendor
  • One-Time-Code technology based on device, person, time and function
  • Central User Management on the web
  • Unlimited user capacity
  • Safe lock Options (dead bolt, swing bolt)
  • Selenoid options for top box doors
  • 12V powered, POE
  • No battery cost
  • Single or dual OTC access mode
  • Thousands of transactions logged
  • Expansion port for sensor connections
  • Remote firmware and parameter update
  • Remote log retrieva
  • Remote monitoring & Control with IoTservo
  • Optional door open sensor (single or dual)
  • Optional second keypad for top box
  • Optional Ethernet
  • Optional alarm panel connection for tamper alarming
  • Optional ID card verification (Card + PIN + OTC)
  • Optional Mobile application
  • Optional IoTservo