otcaccess for Windows

otcaccess for Windows is an access control
technology applied to PC applications
running on Windows environment.


otcaccess for Alarm Panels

otcaccess for Alarm Panels is an access control technology
providing the global & central management of any access
need for any access point by a One Time Code (OTC).


atm mini lock; the world’s first and unique
OTC & NFC lock for ATM top boxaccess.
Can be used with an Android Application

atm mini lock

otcaccess Retrofit Kit

otcaccess retrofit kit technology is a One Time Code
(OTC) lock upgrade solution providing the global &
central management of users, devices and codes
by otcaccess management system on the web.


otcaccess for ATMs

otcaccess for ATMs is a One Time Code (OTC)
lock solution providing the global & central
management of users, devices and codes
by otcaccess management system on the web.


One-Time-Code Security

One-Time-Code Security

Unique One Time Codes (OTC) based on 4 parameters:

User Verification

Access Point Identification

Time Validation

Function Limitation



No need to carry mechanical keys

Right away access with instant code issuing

Improved ticket closing time and higher SLA performance

Avoid repetitive site visits due to forgotten keys

Convenient use with mobile application



Best solution for secure access to any access point

Central user management with unlimited capacity

Offline authorization and optional online management

Advanced web based management system

Detailed logging

otcaccess uses a unique access control technology that provides central & global management of all access requirements using One Time Code (OTC).



Advanced OTC Technology

otcaccess generates One Time Codes (OTC) based on an individual, access point, time period and OTC types.

With a dedicated OTC type, users can only complete the allowed function. In addition, the individual verification is completed either with a PIN & OTC, Contactless ID Card, PIN & OTC.

The otcaccess devices can be unlocked using a single or dual OTC. The real benefit is that the OTC is verified by the access control point and offline. All are parametrically configurable both on the device and on otcaccess on the web.


User Verification Options

User Verification Options

Optionally double step user verification

Users can be verified with a 4-digit PIN or Contactless ID card + PIN.

Double step verification requires a pinpad with a reader. otcaccess supports all contactless readers.

Single or Dual OTC

Single or Dual OTC

Single or Dual OTC is usefull especially for;

Bank branch opening

Vault rooms

Cash centers

Millitary zones

Offline Authentication

Offline Authentication

Offline authentication at the access point

otcaccess devices can work everywhere as standalone. No network connection is needed.

Better security than online verification method. No risk of “Man-in-the-Middle” attacks.


Central & Global User Management

otcaccess will allow user management from a central point globally.


  • All User accounts are recorded only in the otcaccess server.
  • Any registered user may access to any otcaccess device with a valid OTC.
  • Unlimited Capacity for user registration
  • Unique one time code per individual, access point, time and function
  • Users are defined on the devices locally.
  • Each individual must be enrolled to each device one by one.
  • Limited capacity varying by device type
  • Fixed password per user which is valid at all access points.
  • No time limitation and control
  • Shared passwords where users exceeds device capacity.



otcaccess Management Software

  • Designed and developed by <bvk>
  • A multi-customer web application
  • Register & Manage;
    • otcaccess devices,
    • Users & working time schedule
  • Detailed activity logs by user or device
  • Generate the one time codes.
  • Extensive web service integrations with ATM monitoring systems, alarm control systems, SMS or IVR gateways



IoTservo Remote Monitoring & Control

  • Designed and developed by <bvk>
  • Monitors and controls smart, connected otcaccess
  • With IoTservo you can;

    • Monitor device status and events
    • Reboot devices
    • Retrieve OTC history and event logs
    • Update firmware and configuration

otcaccess has a wide range of application areas;


Alarm Panels

Safe Locks

Cabinet Doors

Software Access Control

Vault Rooms

Server Cabinet & Rooms

Any in & out Door Locks

Turnstiles, and all other access points...